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Mississippi Lime: Approaching Its Prime

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The shale boom has taken over, and the U.S. oil and gas folks are finding more shale potential across the country. The Bakken may have met it’s match with the new up and comer called the Mississippi Lime. Where is it and how lucrative can it be? We look to Bruce Vanderveen to the inside scoop on the stocks making plays in this area.

Should You Invest In Sandridge And Other Mississippian Lime Players?

So, is the Mississippian the “New Bakken?” Perhaps not, but it does seem to be a very profitable for companies such as SandRidge which were in early. Some Seeking Alpha authors have written about a massive price decline in oil. Others are bullish and see an imminent rise in oil’s price. If you are persuaded by the bulls, now may be a good time to invest. If you like the bears argument, wait until oil declines and then maybe consider investing in these companies.

In any case, with large international oil companies such as Repsol (REPYY.PK) initiating joint shale/carbonate ventures, the migration to horizontal fracking seems well entrenched going forward.


Looks like our favored stock, SandRidge, may have great potential for investors. We really like this play because it includes a great company and a solid shale play. What else could you want?

Quotes taken from report by Bruce Vanderveen, Read the entire article here.

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