OXY Keeps Up

A Closer Look at Occidental Petroleum

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Its always good to find articles that help break down the essentials of a stock. This time around we are taking a closer look at Occidental Petroleum. Is it a good investment? Is the stock going to stay strong? Let’s check in with an analysis from Seth Jayson.

Here’s how the stats break down:

  • Over the past five years, gross margin peaked at 70.4% and averaged 64.1%. Operating margin peaked at 50.0% and averaged 42.7%. Net margin peaked at 28.9% and averaged 25.8%.
  • TTM gross margin is 48.4%, 1,570 basis points worse than the five-year average. TTM operating margin is 48.2%, 550 basis points better than the five-year average. TTM net margin is 28.3%, 250 basis points better than the five-year average.

With recent TTM operating margins exceeding historical averages, Occidental Petroleum looks like it is doing fine.


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Looks like OXY will maintain its strength, and investors shouldn’t sweat this stock too much. However, there is a strong warning that comes at the end of this article, which is important to take note of. Beware of ETFs, especially the ones mentioned above. Good luck!


Quotes taken from report by Seth Jayson, Read the entire article here.


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