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One of a Kind Energy Stocks with Solid Dividends

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We haven’t posted about solid dividend stocks in awhile. So here you go readers, the inside scoop on up and coming stocks to watch. We all like good dividends, so be sure to read up! Dividend Kings gives the details on some of the best there are.


Nustar Energy (NS) is a master limited partnership that spun off from Valero Energy (VLO) and now owns most of Valero’s pipeline network and storage facilities. A series of acquisitions over the year that include a major grab from Citgo in 2008 of some refineries and asphalt terminals has allowed Nustar Energy to take a place among the largest independent liquids storage operators in the world. Nustar’s profits have remained consistent over the past three years, with an average of $229 million per year.



Boardwalk Pipeline Partners (BWP) is a limited partnership with interests in over 14,000 miles of pipeline that span from Texas into Ohio. Its pipeline and 11 storage facilities help this stock generate a steady stream of revenue that has allowed it to increase its dividend each quarter over the last year. It currently pays out at $0.53 per share and provides a yield near 8%. I think this is a safe buy but it lacks the explosive growth potential of the others. Its stock has risen $5 per share over three years from $22 to $27 and it is a high yielding dividend stock, but Nustar GP Holdings might be better for investors looking for steep gains rather than something safe and steady.


These two stocks are seeing jumps in their dividend offerings. Do some additional research here, and you too may be able to cash in on these stock picks.


Quotes taken from report by Dividend Kings, Read the entire article here.


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