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Short Squeezed Stocks for 2012

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2012 could potentially short squeeze some energy stocks this year. These stocks are in high demand, but investors may not get the stocks they want! Which stocks are they? Stock Croc begins the research process for you.

Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan currently trades above the 200 day moving average of $28.07 (which is bullish). These moves follow a steady upward pattern since the stock reached support levels of $23.51 in late August. The total number of shares sold short is 24.62 million or 11.50% of the float. The earnings since the firm began publicly trading in March were better than expected, going from $.12 to $.21. These different figures make the stock a good possible short.


ATP Oil & Gas

ATP Oil & Gas is currently trading below the 200 day moving average of $12.03 (which is bearish). Since touching a 52 week low at support levels of $5.53 the stock has been rallying towards $7.50. The volume during this time was light. The short interest is 19.60 million shares, or 51.20% of the float. In the last year earnings have been rising from -$3.7 to -$.11. The improving numbers have sparked hope that the firm could be about experience positive earnings per share.


Supply and demand is key with these stocks. Continue your research here because it will help you to invest wisely. Hopefully, these stocks sparked your interest and will keep you researching and investing!

Quotes taken from report by Stock Croc, Read the entire article here.

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