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Cramer Has 3 Reasons to Snatch Up Statoil

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Mad Money’s, Jim Cramer, always gives us a good heads up on good looking oil stocks. This time he is eyeing Statoil. Statoil has been one of the stocks we have really enjoyed watching over the past year. Hawkinvest gives us the inside scoop on Cramer’s analysis.

  1. Mad Money‘s Jim Cramer recently gave Statoil shares a buy rating. When Cramer says buy, many people listen and stocks favored by Jim Cramer are often discussed on his show repeatedly over time. Cramer thinks that Statoil has an impressive track record and he believes the company has many positive catalysts on the horizon. Cramer is not the only one taking notice, on March 9, Deutsche Bank upgraded Statoil to a buy rating as well.
  2. With a yield of about 3.3%, the dividend offered by Statoil is one of the highest available in the oil sector. Furthermore, since this stock has earnings power of nearly $3 per share and with the annual dividend payment below $1 per share, there is plenty of room for dividend increases in the future. Investors need to consider the current yield as well as the potential for dividend growth, and Statoil offers both.
  3. According to data from Yahoo Finance,Statoil has very significant reserves: Statoil had proved reserves of 2,124 million barrels of oil, as well as 509 billion cubic meters of natural gas, corresponding to aggregate proved reserves of 5,325 million barrels-of-oil equivalent. Statoil also operates over 2,200 fuel stations.


I am sure there are many good reasons to invest in this stock. But for now, here are a few. Continue your research here, STO could lead to great things for investors. 

Quotes taken from report by Hawkinvest, Read the entire article here.

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