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Forest Oil Revenue: All About Potential ($FST)

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We all know revenue can be telling of a company’s successes, but not fully. However, in the case of Forest Oil’s revenue is actually IS telling. Let’s dig deeper and see what is actually going on. Seth Jayson has some details.

Revenue details
Forest Oil chalked up revenue of $158.9 million. The 11 analysts polled by S&P Capital IQ foresaw a top line of $190.1 million on the same basis. GAAP reported sales were 22% lower than the prior-year quarter’s $202.6 million.

EPS details
EPS came in at $0.11. The 17 earnings estimates compiled by S&P Capital IQ forecast $0.20 per share. GAAP EPS were -$0.29 for Q1 compared to -$0.03 per share for the prior-year quarter.

Margin details
For the quarter, gross margin was 73.1%, 160 basis points worse than the prior-year quarter. Operating margin was 18.0%, 590 basis points better than the prior-year quarter. Net margin was -20.6%, 1,900 basis points worse than the prior-year quarter.


Looks like FST is going to do just fine. They have great potental for success and higher revenue.

Quotes taken from report by Seth Jayson ,Read the entire article here.

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