Ken Griffin Billionaire Kodiak Oil & Gas

Make A Billionaire Investment Into Kodiak Oil & Gas, Ken Griffin Did. ($KOG)

He isn’t the only one, other Wall Street majors Eric Sprott and Louis Bacon did as well. Envestor First readers have known Kodiak Oil & Gas to be a long time favorite of ours and well deserved, trading from $3 levels when we first alerted it in 2010 to over $10 earlier this year. 

On Thursday, July 19th, Citadel Advisors LLC, a unit of the Citadel Investment Group, announced that it had doubled the size of its stake in Kodiak Oil and Gas (KOG). Based on the SEC 13G filing, Ken Griffin, manager of the Citadel Investment Group, now owns 15.1 million shares valued at $136 million. This represents 5.4% of all outstanding shares in the Kodiak.

Other big investors have been betting on the independent oil and gas company. During the 1st quarter of 2012, Louis Bacon at Moore Global Investments increased his stake in Kodiak by 230% to 5.5 million shares valued at $54.5 million. Eric Sprott at Sprott Asset Management and Richard Chilton at Chilton Investment Company each own a $10.3 million and $2.7 million stake respectively.

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