Halliburton Offers Strong Business Prospects

Halliburton Is Up Over 20% Since July And Not Showing Signs Of Slowing Down $HAL

Despite uncertain regulations and demand and supply fluctuations, Halliburton (HAL) managed to gain market share in international markets. It was able to enhance its capacity through strong utilization and operational performance. We were adamant about $HAL being in play in July and it has performed from $29 to as high as $38 and not looking to slow down anytime soon. 

Halliburton (HAL) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of products and services to the energy industry. The firm has more than 70,000 employees in about 80 countries. It primarily serves the upstream oil and gas industry during the lifecycle of the reservoir. Over time, Halliburton has integrated its services into a single solution. Thanks to this policy, customers can obtain increased well performance, and reduce nonproductive time, by standardizing with Halliburton’s services rather than combining services from several service providers.

The company has two divisions: Drilling and Production. At the end of last year, these two divisions contributed roughly 25.0 billion dollars in revenues. Halliburton is one of the three largest global oilfield service firms, based on total revenues, competing closely with Schlumberger Ltd (SLB) and Baker Hughes (BHI).

Halliburton stock is rising after a recent slump and is currently trading at about $36. The stock has an extremely attractive P/E ratio of 10.6, while the industry P/E ratio stands at 17.2. The stock is also cheaper as compared to the industry average P/S and revenue growth metrics. HAL has P/S ratio of 1.2 as compared to the industry average of 1.6. Revenue growth of 10.8% also outperforms the industry average of 5.4%.

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