Flotek Industries: Don’t Miss It! ($FTK)

flotek industry

Photo Credit. Once in a blue moon, a stock comes along that you really shouldn’t miss out on. Flotek Industries is that stock! Have I sparked you interest? Let’s look to Neha Chamaria for some more details.   Going places Flotek recently completed the expansion of its chemical processing facility in Oklahoma. The expansion will not only boost production, but […]

Regency Energy Partners: Ready to Rock and Roll ($RGP)

RGP Energy Stock to Pop

Photo Credit. Data and speak wonders in the stock world. This time we are examining Regency Energy Partners. This stock is ready to pop, so let’s take a look at their numbers and competitors. Brian D. Pacampara has an easy to read chart. Regency facts Headquarters (founded) Dallas (2003) Market Cap $3.9 billion Industry Oil and gas […]

Cramer Has 3 Reasons to Snatch Up Statoil

Cramer Oil Stocks

Photo Credit. Mad Money’s, Jim Cramer, always gives us a good heads up on good looking oil stocks. This time he is eyeing Statoil. Statoil has been one of the stocks we have really enjoyed watching over the past year. Hawkinvest gives us the inside scoop on Cramer’s analysis. Mad Money‘s Jim Cramer recently gave Statoil […]

Progress Energy Earnings Are Deceiving

Progress Energy Earnings

Photo Credit. Earning can be telling for a company, but it doesn’t tell all! There is much more to a company than their earnings, not to mention they can be misleading if this is what you use for all your analysis. Let’s dig deeper and see why Progress’ earnings aren’t so sharp. Seth Jayson has […]

Like a Deal? Pick These Oil Stocks

Oil Value Stocks

Photo Credit.   A lot of people love a great deal. Its always nice to find a value stock with great potential for profits. If these types of stocks interest you, and I don’t know why they wouldn’t, take a closer look at these stocks. Stookle deeper evaluates these stocks. Denbury Resources Inc (DNR): Denbury Resources Inc. […]

Oil Stocks Pulling for Investor Profit

Oil and Gas Profits for Investors

Photo Credit. Many of us make investments in order to make money. There are a few stocks out there who are really making their investors money. Here are our favorite oil and gas stocks bringing in the profits for their investors. We are looking to Stock Croc for the details on these stocks. Sunoco (SUN) has been range […]

Devon Energy Rescued by Liquids Production

NGL Saves Devon

Photo Credit. Keeping on the topic of NGL from yesterday, we are moving on to Devon Energy. Looks like NGL are also doing them some good! How much is it helping? Let’s look to Aimee Duffy for the answer. For the full year Liquids, you see, are keeping Devon afloat. The company’s sales of oil, […]

Refiners Suffer from High Oil Prices

Oil Refiners Downfall

Photo Credit. High oil prices often mean good news for many elements of the oil business. However, the refiners are are a bit different. They have been suffering recently, and here are the ones who may be effected. Daniel Dicker gives some need to know details. And for the last decade, speculative money has skewed […]

A Closer Look at Occidental Petroleum

OXY Keeps Up

Photo Credit.   Its always good to find articles that help break down the essentials of a stock. This time around we are taking a closer look at Occidental Petroleum. Is it a good investment? Is the stock going to stay strong? Let’s check in with an analysis from Seth Jayson. Here’s how the stats […]

Pipeline IPO in the Works

Pipeline IPO

foPhoto Credit. Analysts have recently been talking about the possibility of a pipeline IPO. According to the news outlets, Marathon may be directly involved in the whole plan. Let’s find out some of the important details from Nima Baiati. On Wednesday (February 1) Marathon Petroleum Corp. (MPC), the unit that was spun off from Marathon Oil Corp. […]

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting

Permian Basin Stocks

Permian Basin Stocks