BP Hits Rough Patch ($BP)

BP Oil Quarter

Photo Credit. BP has seen a rough few years. They maintain strength, but keep having little issues along the way. What are the problems they are seeing now? What else could possibly happen? Agustino Fontevecchia has the details. The company decided to separate its upstream business from TNK-BP, the joint venture run with a group of Russian […]

More Drilling Doesn’t Mean Low Gas Prices (BNO $UNG $USO)

Oil Production and Gas Prices

Photo Credit. The U.S has been working to up the production in the states. Many people see this as great news for oil prices. However, things really aren’t that simple. Let’s break this down and look to Peter Cohan for more details. If oil prices were determined solely by supply and demand for oil, U.S. […]

Best Bets in Oil Dividends ($CLB $EXLP $RES)

Oil Divided Promise

Photo Credit. If stock options offer dividends, its always good news for investors. How good those dividends are can be a different story. In this case, there are a few oil dividends worth taking a closer look at. Here are a couple companies we don’t mention often, but are worth mentioning in this case. Let’s take a look […]

Hedgie’s Favorite Oil Stocks

Hedge Oil Picks

Photo Credit. Hedge funds can be a great reference when considering investments in stocks. Here are a few of the oil stocks that hedge fund are loving right now. Need some reasons why they are to intriguing? Me too! Let’s look to HawkInvest for some answers. Halliburton Company (HAL) is a leading provider of products and services […]

Like a Deal? Pick These Oil Stocks

Oil Value Stocks

Photo Credit.   A lot of people love a great deal. Its always nice to find a value stock with great potential for profits. If these types of stocks interest you, and I don’t know why they wouldn’t, take a closer look at these stocks. Stookle deeper evaluates these stocks. Denbury Resources Inc (DNR): Denbury Resources Inc. […]

Oil Stocks Pulling for Investor Profit

Oil and Gas Profits for Investors

Photo Credit. Many of us make investments in order to make money. There are a few stocks out there who are really making their investors money. Here are our favorite oil and gas stocks bringing in the profits for their investors. We are looking to Stock Croc for the details on these stocks. Sunoco (SUN) has been range […]

Short Squeezed Stocks for 2012

Supply of Energy Stocks

Photo Credit. 2012 could potentially short squeeze some energy stocks this year. These stocks are in high demand, but investors may not get the stocks they want! Which stocks are they? Stock Croc begins the research process for you. Kinder Morgan Kinder Morgan currently trades above the 200 day moving average of $28.07 (which is bullish). These […]

One of a Kind Energy Stocks with Solid Dividends

Oil Dividend Stocks

Photo Credit.   We haven’t posted about solid dividend stocks in awhile. So here you go readers, the inside scoop on up and coming stocks to watch. We all like good dividends, so be sure to read up! Dividend Kings gives the details on some of the best there are.   Nustar Energy (NS) is a […]

Natural Gas Stocks Bound to Blow

Natural Gas Production

Photo Credit. We haven’t talked about some solid natural gas stocks in a little while, so I suppose its time to get you updated! There are three nat gas stocks that a ready to pop, and we have the need to know information. Lindsey Bell explains the important details about these three stocks. Goodrich Petroleum […]

Is SandRidge Energy Buffett Worthy?

Buffett Stock Pick

Photo Credit.   Sometimes the big oil guys can be wrong, however it is important to consider their picks and suggestions. There are a number of things Warren Buffett must be able to check off his list before buying a stock. SandRidge Energy is a stock that may have the potential to be Buffett worthy. […]

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting


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