EPD Cashing in on Pipeline Oil ($EPD)

EDP Plays Oil Pipeline

Photo Credit. Enterprise Product Partners is working hard transform the company into a cash cow. They are doing this by properly using pipelines and a great three prong plan. What is the plan? Dividend Growth Investor lets us in on the inside scoop. Since it went public in 1998, the partnership has had the following […]

Devon Energy: Prized Production ($BNO $DVN $USO)

Oil Recruiting

Photo Credit.   We are big cheerleaders for Devon Energy. They have worked really hard to gain momentum. Currently, they are majorly increasing oil production. The details are key! So, here they are from Dividend Kings.   The company recently released plans to increase its capital expenditures this year by over $1 billion. The money is […]

BOE’s Bad Rap

BOE Investment

Photo Credit. We are always trying to help you make safer and more dependable decisions when it comes to your oil investments. These mean suggesting good stocks and also the not so good stocks. In this case it may be worth taking note of an investment option, that really isn’t all that good. Marin Katusa […]

Who’s Making Money on U.S. Oil

Top Oil Stocks

Photo Credit. There are a number of oil companies that are making some serious cash from that American oil industry. Who are the most profitble of these companies? This is a great question if you are looking to invest back into the American economy. David Alton Clark gives us all the important companies you should […]

Exxon Bumps Up Oil Reserves with Oil Sands

Exxon Tar Sands Reserves

Photo Credit. Oil companies are always on the search for ways to build up their oil reserves. More reserves means longer production times. Its definitely not a bad move to be on the constant look out for more and more reserves. Exxon recently vamped up their reserves with some tar sands locations. The Trefis Team explains how […]

Transocean Gains Offshore Power

Transocean Pumps Up Offshore Oil

Photo Credit.   Transocean has stepping up its game in the offshore oil business. They are playing to their strengths and it seems to be really paying off. Interested in learning more? Let’s look to Agustino Fontevecchia for more information. Transocean has been struggling with a heavy debt load that has put pressure on its credit rating.  Total long-term debt […]

BP: Buffett Favorite?

BP Oil Buffett Stock

Photo Credit. We like to follow Warren Buffett’s oil stock picks, and this time we are taking a look at BP. BP has had a roller coaster ride over the past couple years, but are they back on top in Buffett’s eyes? Ilan Moscovitz digs a little deeper to see if its worth Buffett’s approval.  1. […]

Bright Ideas for Your Possible Oil Picks

2012 Oil Stock Refreshers

Photo Credit. Need a fresh look at some new oil stock possibilities? It always good to get a fresh perspective, especially in the stock market. We have found some good lookin’ stocks you may have forgotten about. Ry Frank suggested a number of stocks to revisit, and here are our favorites. Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (APC): Anadarko […]

Long Term Oil Stock Holds

Energy Stock Holds

Photo Credit.   For those of you out there who like to pick a solid stock and stick with it, this article is for you! We have chosen a couple oil stocks we haven’t heard much about lately, but are good picks for those of you who like long term stocks. Stock Croc gives some […]

Conoco Dividend: Blow or Bust?

Conoco Dividend Solid

Photo Credit.   Like I said in our last post, we are catching up for lost time with some dividend updates. We are taking a closer look at ConocoPhillips specifically today. How do they measure up the the dividend check list? Ilan Moscovitz breaks the research down.   1. Yield First and foremost, dividend investors like […]

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting


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