Forest Oil Revenue: All About Potential ($FST)

Oil Revenue Potential

Photo Credit. We all know revenue can be telling of a company’s successes, but not fully. However, in the case of Forest Oil’s revenue is actually IS telling. Let’s dig deeper and see what is actually going on. Seth Jayson has some details. Revenue details Forest Oil chalked up revenue of $158.9 million. The 11 […]

Sandridge Energy Ready for Oil Boom ($SD)

Sandridge Wants Oil Boom

Photo Credit. All of us energy investors have been eagerly awaiting the talked about oil boom. If the Keystone Pipeline actually goes though, and oil boom could be here before we know it. Let’s look to Michelle Fox for Sandridge Energy’s CEO’s point of view. For SandRidge’s Tom Ward, that pipeline is important. It allows […]

Transocean Gains Offshore Power

Transocean Pumps Up Offshore Oil

Photo Credit.   Transocean has stepping up its game in the offshore oil business. They are playing to their strengths and it seems to be really paying off. Interested in learning more? Let’s look to Agustino Fontevecchia for more information. Transocean has been struggling with a heavy debt load that has put pressure on its credit rating.  Total long-term debt […]

BP: Buffett Favorite?

BP Oil Buffett Stock

Photo Credit. We like to follow Warren Buffett’s oil stock picks, and this time we are taking a look at BP. BP has had a roller coaster ride over the past couple years, but are they back on top in Buffett’s eyes? Ilan Moscovitz digs a little deeper to see if its worth Buffett’s approval.  1. […]

Bright Ideas for Your Possible Oil Picks

2012 Oil Stock Refreshers

Photo Credit. Need a fresh look at some new oil stock possibilities? It always good to get a fresh perspective, especially in the stock market. We have found some good lookin’ stocks you may have forgotten about. Ry Frank suggested a number of stocks to revisit, and here are our favorites. Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (APC): Anadarko […]

Refiners Suffer from High Oil Prices

Oil Refiners Downfall

Photo Credit. High oil prices often mean good news for many elements of the oil business. However, the refiners are are a bit different. They have been suffering recently, and here are the ones who may be effected. Daniel Dicker gives some need to know details. And for the last decade, speculative money has skewed […]

KOG Drilling for Money Making

KOG Oil Production

Photo Credit. Each oil company is, of coarse, drilling for profits. However, Kodiak is really working hard to make the cash for the company and their investors. Need some details? Looks no further! Let’s check out the stats put together by Nick Pollari. KOG is operating 6 drilling rigs with a 24-hour completion crew which […]

Conoco Dividend: Blow or Bust?

Conoco Dividend Solid

Photo Credit.   Like I said in our last post, we are catching up for lost time with some dividend updates. We are taking a closer look at ConocoPhillips specifically today. How do they measure up the the dividend check list? Ilan Moscovitz breaks the research down.   1. Yield First and foremost, dividend investors like […]

Kinder Morgan’s Revenue Looks Rough

Kinder Morgan Revenue

Photo Credit.   A company’s revenue can be very telling of the state of that company. Additionally, often investors will base their investment choices on a company’s revenue. How do you tell if their revenue is good? Kinder Morgan is a good stock to look at to understand these things. Seth Jayson explains why Kinder […]

2 Oil and Gas Stocks to Steer Clear Of

Bad Oil Stock Picks

Photo Credit. We always tell you about the good picks on the market, but this time around we are going to do the opposite and tell a couple stocks to avoid. Knowing the bad stocks is just as important and knowing the good ones. Read up on the warning signs these stocks present and use […]

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting

Permian Basin Stocks

Permian Basin Stocks