Refiners Utilize Exports for Extra Profit

Oil Refiners Profit Boosts

Photo Credit. Oil refiners have seen some grat profits in the past. It looks like they are at it again, and working hard to incrase thoe profits. What companies are stepping up their game? Let’s look to Paul Ausick for the answers. Marathon’s shares have risen by more than 7% in the past 12 months. The company’s […]

Oil Service Stocks Show Their Muscle

Oil Services Show Muscle

Photo Credit. We are big fans of oil service stocks and are always trying to keep folks updated on the good and bad news. This time around we have some good news! It seems that the oil service stocks are showing off their strengths in the current markets. Canacord Genuity gives a list of some […]

Transocean Gains Offshore Power

Transocean Pumps Up Offshore Oil

Photo Credit.   Transocean has stepping up its game in the offshore oil business. They are playing to their strengths and it seems to be really paying off. Interested in learning more? Let’s look to Agustino Fontevecchia for more information. Transocean has been struggling with a heavy debt load that has put pressure on its credit rating.  Total long-term debt […]

BP: Buffett Favorite?

BP Oil Buffett Stock

Photo Credit. We like to follow Warren Buffett’s oil stock picks, and this time we are taking a look at BP. BP has had a roller coaster ride over the past couple years, but are they back on top in Buffett’s eyes? Ilan Moscovitz digs a little deeper to see if its worth Buffett’s approval.  1. […]

Conoco Dividend: Blow or Bust?

Conoco Dividend Solid

Photo Credit.   Like I said in our last post, we are catching up for lost time with some dividend updates. We are taking a closer look at ConocoPhillips specifically today. How do they measure up the the dividend check list? Ilan Moscovitz breaks the research down.   1. Yield First and foremost, dividend investors like […]

Breaking Away from Foreign Oil Dependence

U.S. Oil Consumption

Photo Credit. The U.S’s foreign oil dependence has only worsened over the years, and is currently at a peak due to the huge consumption. How do we break away from this? How much foreign oil are we actually consuming? This is all good information to know if you a greatly invested in the U.S. oil market. Todd Ganos explains […]

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting

Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting

Permian Basin Stocks

Permian Basin Stocks