Transocean: Cheap High-Yield Play Seems Poised To Move Higher $RIG

Transocean Cheap High-Yield Play Seems Poised To Move Higher $RIG

By Bret Jensen Transocean (RIG) has been one of the more frustrating positions in my portfolio over the past year and one of the few that has posted losses over that period. It is a frustration I share with Carl Icahn who is also currently underwater on his Transocean stake. I recently added to this position […]

Transocean: Undervalued With Growth Ahead Despite Capacity Concerns $RIG

Transocean Undervalued With Growth Ahead Despite Capacity Concerns $RIG

By Jeff Williams For investors looking for a large-cap company in a sector poised for growth, Transocean Inc. (RIG) is a growth-oriented, offshore oil and gas drilling company with many catalysts that will increase shareholder value. Transocean Ltd. provides offshore contract drilling services for oil and gas wells worldwide. The company specializes in deepwater and harsh […]

Transocean: Not Undervalued For Long $RIG

Transocean Not Undervalued For Long $RIG

By  Jeff Williams Deepwater and Ultra-Deepwater exploration and drilling have shown a remarkable increase over the past few years. This is due in part to the development of new technologies which have reduced operational costs and risks, as well as the finding of reservoirs that will produce high production wells. There are many zones throughout […]

Profit Alert: Carl Icahn Has Taken Transocean to the Next Level $RIG


By Jason Simpkins I have a confession to make: Transocean (RIG) is one of my favorite stocks. And by now, it should be one of yours too. Late last year, we predicted the company would beat earnings, and it came through for us in a big way. In fact, Transocean performed so well that we […]

Transocean: The Turnaround Continues $RIG

By Bret Jensen It seems like today is going to be a good day for my core investments in the energy sector. First, Hess (HES) comes out with several friendly shareholder measures in an announcement before the market opened. Now Transocean (RIG) reports earnings that contain several items that should make their shareholders feel better […]

Transocean: Settled And Moving Forward Bullishly $RIG

By Nick Chiu Transocean LTD (RIG) is an international provider of offshore contract drilling services for oil and gas wells. RIG had increased 15.37% to $55.78 last Friday since our last article, “Time To Sail On Transocean With 28.2% Profit Potential”, was written. The reviewed option strategy resulted 28.2% return on margin as the options […]

2013 Oil Outlook: Four Stocks Pumping Profits $BP $RIG $ETE $KMI

After starting 2012 at $102 a barrel, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude fell as low as $82 in June before bouncing back up to close out the year at about $92. That means oil prices suffered their first annual decline since 2008, when markets were walloped by the financial crisis. And that trend is likely […]

The Best-Positioned Companies for 2013: Phil Weiss $OXY $CHK $APC $DVN $RIG $HAL $SLB $BHI $CVX $COP $HFC $PSX $XOM

Phil Weiss: In finalizing my 2013 forecast, I came pretty close to that price; I’m using $87/bbl for West Texas Intermediate (WTI). But back then, Brent and WTI traded relatively close to each other, with WTI at a slight pas premium. That’s changed pretty dramatically. This year I expect an ~$18/bbl premium for Brent over […]

Cutting The Fat To Increase Focus $CHK $APA $BOE $CVX $RDS.A $XOM

This Oil & Gas Stock Should Surprise You In 2013

Chesapeake is looking to unload a large amount of acreage in the plains worth quite a bit of cash.  Looking to cut out non-essential projects based on their current focus, most likely their goal is to raise some funds.  With a decent amount of it already sold off they are looking better everyday. Becoming a […]

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