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Halliburton was founded back in 1919 and has become one of the world’s largest providers of products and services within the energy industry. HAL employs nearly 60,000 employees about approximately 80 countries around the globe and made $18B in revenue in 2010. Halliburton focuses on serving the upstream oil and gas industry throughout the entirety of a reservoir’s life cycle. More specifically, they will locate hydrocarbons and manage geological data, drilling and formation evals, and well construction and completion, and optimizing production. Halliburton consists of two sectors, drilling and evaluation and completion and production.


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  1. Kaycee says:

    You have shed a ray of sunshine into the forum. Tnhaks!

  2. Turn Key Oil says:

    Current Economic Outlook

    Halliburton’s involvement in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill may be a cause of concern for investors. However, the evidence and public records suggest that the company had little to do with the oil spill. The company expects margins from North America to improve by the start of 2013. What further strengthens this forecast is the $1,105,200 investment into shares, made by the company director, Murray Gerber. This is by far the clearest sign that the insiders have strong expectations for the company’s growth in the future, and should be welcome news to investors.

    The company expects to have an EPS of $3.50 and revenues of up to $26.9 billion in 2013. When compared to 2011′s EPS of $3.08 on sales of $24.8 billion, the stock seems like a bargain. Furthermore, many gas producers are shifting to oil production to take advantage of better commodity prices. The extensive nature of oil exploration puts Halliburton’s services in greater demand.

  3. Turn Key Oil says:

    When it comes to stocks, there is a rule of thumb: if the price has not yet caught up with the strong earnings growth, that stock is a “must-buy.” Halliburton’s strong revenue, operating margins, stable EPS and continued payment of dividends ensure that the company does indeed have strong earnings.

    However, based on my FED+ valuation, Halliburton stock has not reached its fair value and this stock has at least 110% upside potential to reach its fair minimum. The earnings uptrend is more likely to pull up the undervalued stock. This is why now would be a smart time to obtain Halliburton stock, before the stock achieves its eventual fair value. The stock has not performed well over the last 5 years. However, if analysts’ estimates hold, Halliburton might just become one of the best buys in the current market.

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