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Our track record has been solid in the past, and for those of you who follow us on Investors Hub and keep up with our blog posts, you already know this. However, we have put together some charts for the stocks that we have been watching the most, and pointed out when we predicted these stocks were going to pop. Everyone wants to prove their credibility and build trust with investors, and this is our way of doing that.

Go ahead, take a good look at our track record!

Cheniere Energy

Double Eagle Petroleum

Field Point Petroleum 


Osage Exploration and Development, Inc. 

Next Generation Energy Corp. 


Exxon Mobil 

Ion Geophysical Corporation

American Petro Hunter

Cheniere Energy Inc.

Allied Energy Inc.

Blue Dolphin Energy Co.


Oilsands Quest Inc.



Quad Energy Corp.

Petrohawk Energy Corp. 

Cano Petroleum Inc.

Suncor Energy

Cougar Oil & Gas Canada Inc.

Vaalco Energy Inc.

Deep Down Inc.

Delta Petroleum Corp.

Dune Energy Inc.

Gasco Energy Inc.

High Plains Gas Inc.

Kodiak Energy Inc.

Kodiak Oil and Gas Corp.

Lucas Energy Inc.

Royale Energy Inc.

Strategic American Oil Corp.

Sun River Energy Inc.

Titan Oil & Gas Inc.

Cross Border Resources Inc.


Baker Hughes, Inc.

Weatherford International Ltd.

Get more information about these companies and their stocks here.

This is not an offer to buy or sell securities. Oil investment carries with it very high risks. The information contained within this site has not been nor will it be verified by Envestor First and is subject to change at any time. We are not a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or United States Investment Adviser. Do your own due diligence and consult with a licensed professional before making any investment decisions.Please read our full disclaimer before making any decisions.

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Oil Projects & Oil Investment Consulting

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